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How to Choose a Motel

by Addison Burns

Motels are popular among travellers who need short-term accommodation before embarking on their journey. There are numerous motels in every Australian city. So, how can one choose their next motel from the other? Below are some vital pointers for researching accommodation options. 

Determine a Suitable Location

Your needs will determine which location suits you best. Typically, motels are located within towns or in the town outskirts. A motel in the city is ideal when you need access to facilities such as banks and shopping malls. Those in the town outskirts will enable you to avoid morning traffic jams as you embark on your trip. 

Check the Motel's Reviews

Reviews will help you determine the quality of services offered by the establishment. Google My Business and social media reviews can be a good starting point. Additionally, check local travel blogs to identify motels that provide exceptional services. 

When checking the motel's reviews, it would be worthwhile to ask who frequents the motel. For example, some motels are popular with tourists while others are common among truck drivers. If you enjoy socialising, inquire about the activities at the motel. For example, some motels will have karaoke nights or visiting artists on specific days of the week.  

Assess the Services Offered by the Motel

The motel should offer the following services: 

  • Adequate and secure parking for all clients.
  • Good quality food and drinks. Remember, you could be hungry after a long day.
  • Some motels will have a petrol station and service bay to allow you to refuel your vehicle and conduct minor repairs. 
  • Recreational facilities such as Jacuzzis and swimming pools are an added advantage. 

Check the Accommodation Options and Room Features

Assess the accommodation options offered by the motel. For example, a couple would go for a double while friends would opt for a twin-bed room. Some motels could have apartments suited for families. Assess the features of the room. For example, what is the size of the room? Does the room have a separate toilet and bathroom? How secure is the room? Ideally, it should have a high-security lock. Some motel rooms will have a safe where you can keep your valuables. Assess the availability of comfort and recreation features such as cable TV, Wi-Fi and a lounge. 

Examine the Pricing and Booking Policy

Assess the motel's pricing by comparing their rates against those of similar motels. As a rule of thumb, you should read the motel's terms and conditions to determine if you will incur extra charges during your stay. For example, you could suffer a penalty for a late cancellation or if you do not check out on time. 

Choosing a motel should be easy with the above tips. Determine a suitable location, check the motel's reviews, then assess the available services, accommodation options and booking policy.