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How to Choose the Right Hotel for a Relaxing Writing Trip

by Addison Burns

Getting out of your usual environment can be an excellent way to make progress on your writing projects. Whether it's a novel, a business white paper or a collection of poetry, a change of scenery can be all it takes to get your creative juices flowing again. It's important to choose the right hotel to ensure that you get the most out of your writing trip. A busy B&B or a resort full of families with kids probably won't be the best environment for concentration, so doing your research is key. Keeping the three considerations below in mind during your accommodation search will help you to find the perfect hotel.

Make sure your room is suitable for writing

Take a look at photographs of the hotel room you're booking, and consider whether or not it'll be suitable for long periods of sitting and writing. If you like to write on a laptop, then you should look for a desk with easily accessible plug sockets nearby. A comfortable chair is also a must, as you won't be motivated to work in a chair that's unpleasant to sit in. If you like to look out of the window for inspiration, then make sure your room has plenty that are visible from the desk. When deciding on a hotel location, think about what inspires you most. Is it a busy city full of people and cars, a thriving seafront or a peaceful countryside scene?

Look for natural areas nearby

You won't want to stay in your room hunched over a laptop for your entire trip, so look out for local natural areas that could be suitable for writing. Choosing a hotel with its own grounds is the most convenient option, and you'll probably find that there are plenty of quiet areas for you to sit and work. If that's not possible, then look out for local parks. These will have plenty of benches, perfect for settling in with your notebook. Parks offer loads of opportunities for people watching, which is ideal if you're writing a novel and want to develop characters.

Choose a hotel with spa and pool facilities

You work better when you take good care of yourself, so choose a hotel with the best facilities you can afford. Dedicating a few hours to relaxing in the pool or treating yourself to a massage could be just what you need, especially if you've been working on your writing project nonstop. You'll find that you're much more productive after taking some time to unwind.