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Your 2020 Guide to Finding a Quality Motel for Your Trip

by Addison Burns

Whether you travel often or you're looking for a getaway, finding the right motel is critical to a successful trip. But with so many motel accommodations to choose from, how will you know that you found the right one? It all comes down to taking advantage of technology, having a glimpse into each room, and identifying the amenities you need.

Motels in the 21st century come with many different themes. Some keep their traditional heritage and designs, while others take on a modern, stylish theme. To make your decision easier, here's what you should keep in mind when looking for the perfect motel room.   

Take advantage of location tools

Location apps are an excellent resource for identifying motels in your area. You can search for all available motels or place filters for distance, size, amenities, reviews, and much more. In this way, you'll be able to narrow down on available choices even if you're new in town.

Using location software is also an excellent way of planning in advance. Most motels will advertise their pricing, availability, and other services on location apps such as Google. This gives you a nice list to work with as you narrow down to your top preference.

Check out the rooms

Room design is what ultimately defines a motel. Indeed, most motels are smaller establishments that pride themselves in the comfort provided within each room. This means that you should at least get a glimpse of the rooms that each motel on your shortlist provides.

Look beyond basic amenities such as the bed or bathroom. The good stuff is in the little details, such as how much light enters the room, how the curtains match interior décor, and how items in the room are arranged when you walk in. If you're searching from a remote location, many motels provide a digital tour of the room to help you make an informed decision.    

Find the amenities you need

Amenities are also critical to any motel room. Think about what you need to feel comfortable during your stay. If you're staying for only one night, you might be fine with just a TV and a hot shower. But if you're bringing the family along, you may need to feel more comfortable.

From hot breakfast to WI-FI, swimming pools to spas, having the amenities you need when you need them is essential to any motel room search.

Check the surrounding environment

Finally, you may be interested in knowing what activities are available around the motel building. Is it located near downtown for easy access? Is it near restaurants or recreational areas where you can take the family?

Understanding the surroundings of your motel will make your stay more comfortable.