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  • 5 Tips to Remember When Caravanning for the First Time

    24 August 2016

    Are you planning to go caravanning with your entire family? Read on and learn some tips that you should remember when you choose to use a tent instead of sleeping inside your caravan during that first family caravanning trip. First Pitch the Tent in Your Garden It may seem ridiculous to pitch a tent in your garden but it is helpful to do so. You will learn whether your new tent has any defects, such as a broken pole or a missing peg, before you reach the caravan site where it may be hard to fix any problems that you discover after you have started preparing for the night outdoors.

  • Motel Accommodation | 4 Smart Features To Look For In Business-Friendly Motels

    3 May 2016

    If you have chosen to go with motel accommodation for your next business trip, then you'll obviously want it to be equipped with certain features that allow you to continue with your work while you're staying there. Business travellers are dominating the hospitality industry, so it's no wonder that hotels and motels are investing in business-friendly technologies to woo these patrons. Look out for these smart features when you book motel accommodation for your business travel needs.