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5 Tips to Remember When Caravanning for the First Time

by Addison Burns

Are you planning to go caravanning with your entire family? Read on and learn some tips that you should remember when you choose to use a tent instead of sleeping inside your caravan during that first family caravanning trip.

First Pitch the Tent in Your Garden

It may seem ridiculous to pitch a tent in your garden but it is helpful to do so. You will learn whether your new tent has any defects, such as a broken pole or a missing peg, before you reach the caravan site where it may be hard to fix any problems that you discover after you have started preparing for the night outdoors.

Arrive Early

It is advisable to reach the caravan site when it isn't close to dusk. Daylight hours are good because you will be able to select the best camping site on which to pitch your tent. You will also be able to see clearly as you pitch the tent after parking your caravan. Additionally, you will be less likely to disturb neighbours as you settle in.

Beware of Footwear

Be very strict on the issue of barring anyone from entering the tent with his or her footwear. Otherwise, the tent can become very messy in case there has been some rain. Sand can also make sleeping bags very uncomfortable. You should therefore avoid allowing anyone to have their footwear on when they are inside the tent.

Know Where to Cook From

Under no circumstances should you cook any food from inside the tent. Tents are enclosed places where the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is very high. Additionally, a fire can easily break out in case a spark from your barbeque or stove lands on a flammable item. Do all your cooking in the caravan or set up the cooking appliances outside the tent.

Don't Forget Lighting

The nights outside your caravan can be very long if you forget to pack ample lighting sources for your tent. You should buy solar or battery-powered lanterns for use at night when you are in your tent. You can also buy camping electrical fixtures that you can hook up to the electricity supply of the powered caravan site that you select for your trip.

Your first caravanning trip with your family will be an enjoyable one if you implement the suggestions above. You can always ask the caravan site management for help in case you encounter a situation that you are unable to resolve on your own.