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Motel Accommodation | 4 Smart Features To Look For In Business-Friendly Motels

by Addison Burns

If you have chosen to go with motel accommodation for your next business trip, then you'll obviously want it to be equipped with certain features that allow you to continue with your work while you're staying there. Business travellers are dominating the hospitality industry, so it's no wonder that hotels and motels are investing in business-friendly technologies to woo these patrons. Look out for these smart features when you book motel accommodation for your business travel needs.

Special Workspace Zones Inside Rooms

While most motels tend to offer bed and breakfast style accommodation for the night, business travellers should ideally look for motels that provide special workspaces inside rooms. The workspace should include a comfortable chair and desk with a working Internet connection, so that you are able to complete your work within the comfort of your motel room.

Multiple Power Sockets In Each Room  

While this may sound like an odd feature, you'll be surprised at how many motels have limited power sockets inside each room. Business visitors likely travel with multiple devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones and other electronics that need to be powered up regularly, especially if they are constantly used. When looking for motel accommodation, be sure to consider this feature, so you don't have to keep plugging and unplugging your devices from limited power sockets.

Fully Equipped Business Centre

Many motels don't offer this feature, so savvy business travellers that need to be constantly connected should look for fully equipped business centres in their motel accommodation choices. The business centre should have everything from printers and scanners to conference telephones and meeting rooms. This makes it easy for you to conduct all types of business conveniently from your motel, instead of having to travel elsewhere in the city you're temporarily residing in for work.

Strong Complimentary WiFi Access

As a business traveller, you're probably going to use a lot of the Internet, so you'll want your motel accommodation to have a strong WiFi connection in your room, and you'll ideally want it to be complimentary for the best value. Motel accommodation isn't business friendly if it charges for Internet access, so be sure to look out for this feature. Otherwise, you may end up paying several dollars over your room rent for daily Wi-Fi access, which can prove to be very expensive over the course of your entire stay.

If you're looking for business-friendly motel accommodation, consider these features for a pleasant experience.